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Escrituras Publicas
Instrucciones para Escrituras Publicas
Modelos de Minutas para Poderes Elevados a Escritura Publica
Poder Hecho en el Extranjero ante Notario Local
Poder por Carta con Firma Legalizada
Poder Notarial Fuera de Registro
Modelos de Poderes Fuera de Registro
Poder Notarial Fuera de Registro o Carta Poder, por Correo
Autorización de Viaje de Menor
Certificado de Supervivencia
Certificado de Supervivencia para llenar en casa y firmar en el Consulado
Legalización de Firmas
Requisitos para Legalizar Donaciones
Requirements to Legalize Donation Documents
Protesto de Títulos Valores

Letter of Donation must be written in Spanish, mentioning that the donation does not have a commercial value, - but expressing an estimated value of the same.

List with detail of the donation by items.

The legalization is free when it has fulfilled all these requirements.

Also, when shipment of clothes or blankets, Peruvian customs authorities request they are fumigated, along with a certification of fumigation, signed before a local notary and legalized also at the General Consulate of Perú.

Storage, packing shipment, arrival expenses, and others, are responsibility of the institution as well as the recipient. The General Consulate of Perú can not help in this expense.

It is necessary that the donor organization verifies that the recipient institution in Perú has the proper authorization to receive donations, without payment of taxes, in order to avoid expensive storage fees.